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A community for any organization or person that believes in the power of sport to change the world.

About Sport for Good Connect

We are a national community driving progress and innovation in the field of sport for social change. Together, we have the vision and dedication to improve our communities through the power of sport.

Why You Should Join

The best teams know that accountability is a two-way street. Whether between coach and captain or superstar and role player, a team is only as good as the commitments they make to each other. 

Ways to join :-

For Organizations in our Sport for Good Cities (Atl, NYC, Chi, NOLA) complete our membership profile for 2021 here - https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/PZX9KD9

Read about the full benefits and commitments of our Organizational membership below:

For individuals or anyone outside of our Sport for Good Cities please sign up here:- 


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